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The vision of Star Canyon School of Nursing (SCSN) is to produce caring and competent nursing assistants and care providers capable of excellence and ethical practice in the state of Arizona.

We know that finding time for school can be hard. To help accomodate busy students, we provide scheduling and financing options for our nursing assistant and other training programs.

CNA/LNA Course Info
We offer:
• Day clases: Monday - Thrusday, 9AM-1PM
• Evening classes: Monday - Thursday, 5PM-9PM
• Weekend only clinical rotations
• Many open lab hours[1]
• Lots of personalized instruction time
• Several payment plans that meet most needs[2]
Upcoming Start Dates

Further dates not yet finalized.

[1] See our events calendar and course schedule for lab details.
[2] Payment plans require an initial $300 installment, please call us for more details.

CNA/LNA Weekly Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday
Day Class: 9am-1pm
Eve Class: 5pm-9pm
Day Class: 9am-1pm
Eve Class: 5pm-9pm
Day Class: 9am-1pm
Eve Class: 5pm-9pm
Day Class: 9am-1pm
Eve Class: 5pm-9pm
Clinicals: 6am-230pm Clinicals: 6am-230pm

CNA/LNA classes typically start every month. Check the calendar below for anticipated start dates. Please contact us for more info or enroll here.


To qualify for CNA/LNA training:
• Applicants should have a high school Diploma, GED or equivalent foreign or vocational training.
• Applicants should have the ability to communicate clearly.
• Applicants should be physically able to perform direct patient care tasks, including assisting patients with lifting, bathing, walking, pulling, and pushing an occupied wheelchair.
• Applicants must have no felony convictions in the last 3 years[3].

[3] Some exceptions may apply, contact us for more info.

CPR & First Aid Schedule (by appt.)

Wednesday Friday Saturday
Day Class: 10am-2pm
Eve Class: 6pm-10pm
Day Class: 10am-2pm
Eve Class: 6pm-10pm
Day Class: 10am-2pm
Eve Class: 6pm-10pm

• Students can satisfy the CPR requirement through sites like, however, many acute care facilities prefer in-person CPR & First Aid training[4]. Enroll here.

[4] While taking CPR/First Aid online reduces COVID exposure, it is discouraged by OSHA. There will be strict adherence to COVID protocols during CPR & First Aid.

You may upload documents such as your CPR certification, immunizations records, driver's license, diploma/GED, CV/résumé, etc, via the file upload button below (PDF files please).

You may also schedule a tour of our classrooms and labs anytime during open hours via the tour button below.

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Course calendar
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