Basic Information & Common Questions

Question: Do you offer any payment plans?

Answer: We offer payment plans tailored to individual needs. Students need to contact administration to arrange payment plans.

The total cost of the program is $1,250 per candidate.
• Enrollment/Registration is $300.00.
• Tuition is $950.00.

We do accept installment payments for tuition weekly or bi-weekly. After graduation, preparation for the board-exam is free. We do not charge for textbooks, equipment, or additional lab use.

Question: Do you offer Financial Aid?

Answer: Qualified students may obtain financial assistance through an external Agency. Interested candidates should call the school at (602) 943-1337 for more information.

Question: How do I find transportation to school?

Answer: The school is conveniently located along city bus routes on Central Avenue & Dunlap Road. Please see the map here and on the home page to view our location.

❖ Question: How do I get books?

Answer: Books are available to all students as loans for the duration of the program. Laboratory materials/tools or extra hours needed throughout the training program are also available at no additional charge.