About Us

Star Canyon School of Nursing was founded in 2007 by Michael Ayodele, Ed. D and Regina Ayodele, RN, with the mission of improving basic patient care training in the Valley. It aims to promote diversity, skilled hands-on care, body-mechanics proficiency, client privacy, and dignity maintenance during care. From its early beginnings, SCSN has placed special focus on the patient perspective and emphasizes that students should not only have technical skills and knowledge but also understand perspectives different from their own. SCSN prides itself on rigorous hands-on skills training focusing on body mechanics, high-risk transfers, preserving privacy, and preserving client dignity. SCSN operates an open lab that has been used for State testing and allows students to schedule lab practice 6 days a week.

Additional staff include:
Jeannie Meyer, RN
Elizabeth Ayodele, JD
Mara Ayodele, MD
David Ayodele, Webmaster
Joseph Ayodele, LPN

Students graduating from SCSN have historically achieved an above 90% pass rate on their board exams and come back frequently to use the lab and share their insights and experiences in the profession.

Sunnyslope Mountain is our backdrop

Star Canyon School of Nursing is overlooked by Sunnyslope mountain, being located just South of the Southwest corner of Dunlap & Central Avenue - behind Sunnyslope High School. Enrollment is in Suite 107.